Maher Antar

Q1: Maher Antar what can you tell us about you and ATI

 A: I have joined ATI mid of September-2023 ATI under the capacity of “General Manager”, I have more than two-decades background in the insurance industry. Whereby the latest company I managed was Globemed Bahrain “Third part administrator”. Paired with my current capacity, and a proven successful track record whereby I have played a pivotal role in overseeing operations, finance, business development, strategic planning, reinsurance, business analysis, call center management through the various positions I held throughout my career path. ATI is one of the oldest insurances & reinsurance company in the Lebanese market licensed & established in 1988. ATI offers multi-line services to private & corporate clients with more than 35 years of experience and professional expertise in insurance industry ATI is able to provide its clients with tailor made products & solutions that serves their needs covering multiple products e.g. Health, Motor,
Property, Money, Workmen Compensation, Liability, Marine Cargo, Public Accidents, Travel, Expatriate, Engineering Risk, Pleasure Yacht. 

Q2: What is your strategic plan to for ATI 

A: Currently we are working on the company rebranding and expanding our physical presence throughout the Lebanese market through various service points, in addition to adapting a hybrid strategy to increase our market penetration ratio through various revenue funnels , in addition we have secured top of the notch reinsurance treaties with well-known reinsurers for all our insurance lines of business which will aid to cater for the market needs & demands while sustaining a safety cushion for the end consumer. Thus, to summarize our main focus for 2024 will be expanding our customer base, offering more products, sustaining competitive prices, growing brand presence, obtaining more brick-and-mortar locations. 

Q3: How do you summarize your marketing plan for the upcoming period 

A: Our marketing strategy is to expand our market share by utilizing various types of stakeholder’s revenue funnels while providing affordable prices with comprehensive & credible coverage. Moreover, along with our sales team we have set targets based on customer demographics, thus we have created a marketing mix using the 4Ps; product, price, place, and promotion. Consequently, our strategy will target both Business to business and business to consumer. While managing financial risk through providing superior quality products and services tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing financial risk exposures facing our customers.

 Q4: What is your assessment of the insurance market in Lebanon and the reinsurance necessity 

A: The economic, political & financial crisis had a major repercussion on all the Lebanese population from various sectors which drastically affected the purchasing power thus leading to the emerge of a new market breed and reformed the preference of the current market consumer, moreover the Lebanese insurance market is gradually mounting as new market mass has emerged, worth to note the market has become immensely competitive in terms of pricing and product diversity. But throughout this era what remains as the major game changer lies with the reinsurance treaty’s; as its the safety cushion for both the insurance companies and the end consumer taking into consideration the credibility of the reinsurance and their international rating. As the Lebanese insurance market is evolving and natural perils are increasing worldwide and the financial roadblocks the Lebanese population are facing, the insurance companies are required to provide additional variety of appealing insurance services, as families and companies are more vulnerable to risks. Globalization also has created both challenges and opportunities for markets to became more competitive and consumers more aware and demanding. 

Q5: What is your aspiration towards ATI for the coming years

A: Our vision for the upcoming years starts with our key brand message; to be perceived as “liable, affordable, accessible” while being proactive by mitigating risks for individuals and institution. Acquiring additional market share while sustaining favorable
underwriting practices. Furthermore, we will be engaging more process automation across marketing distribution, underwriting, claims, and policy servicing and most importantly all of our strategies
have been constructed based on actuarial studies and analysis covering both our portfolio and the Lebanese market performance.