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ATI Insurance


Life is precious. It is therefore essential to provide security for one’s family, loved ones and the future after one’s passing. Life insurance accomplishes just that by providing the insured person’s beneficiary a sum of money after the unfortunate loss of life of the insured person.


The best investment on Earth is Earth. Your property is like a footprint you establish on a piece of land, and protecting it from hazards whether accidental or natural is of the utmost important.


Fear not the sea! With ATI’s marine insurance plan, you can insure and protect your business goods and commodities at sea.


With ATI motor insurance you can take the road without having any worry on your mind.
ATI’s motor insurance policies guarantee that any unexpected accident to be dealt professionally by prioritizing the safety of both the driver and the passenger. 

General Accident

General Accident Products include:
Money Insurance
Fidelity Insurance


ATI policy covers legal liability claims pertaining to employees while at work in accordance with the Lebanese Legislative decree n° 136 dated 16/09/1983.


All established businesses and institutions require security and protection from external parties. Liability insurance is an essential part of this, protecting the insurer when an incident causes the insurer to be sued by a third party.

Personal Accident

Personal accident cover protect you from unexpected injury because Accidents are a part of life. Personal injury and accident policies differ from health, medical, and life insurance.

Medical Expenses

Life is fragile, and sometimes it can break. Fixing it then can be difficult, strenuous and expensive. Nevertheless, ATI’s health insurance is there to make things faster and less costly.


Every occupation has its hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to be occupationally secure and insured. For contractors, we provide a diversified range of insurance policies, which aims to protect them against losses, damages and liabilities that may occur in the midst of their work.


Use Multi cover policy instead of juggling several policies, you’ll have just the one, with a one renewal date.Taking everything you get from existing car and home insurance policies and bringing them under one umbrella, you get exactly the same benefits. the only difference is, it’s all part of the same policy.